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Here you will find a bit of astrological insight for the Sun in Libra days ahead.

22 September 2021

Welcome to the Autumnal Equinox!

Sun’s energy is naturally pragmatic. It fosters thoughts as conceived by will. It is the catalyst for conscious decision making. It fuels the prevailing impetus behind societal trends.

Sun In Libra:

A Cardinal sign, its essence is to initiate; this is the energy of beginning, moving outward, getting started, going forward. The potential downfall is over involvement, taking on too much, leaving things begun, but incomplete.

Libra is also an Air sign thus its milieu is the mental, abstract and conceptual. Air sign energy is communicative, gregarious, inquisitive, impartial, tolerant, observant and clever. In its less productive expression Libran energy can influence thoughts to become spacy, verbosely stated, meddlesome and expressed as detachment, flightiness and indecision.

Sun in Libra was designated by the ancients as “In its Fall.” Planets and lights in their Fall are squelched. Their expression is somewhat less robust and more readily diluted by other influences. Hence, Libra seeks allies!


Moon’s energy is naturally emotional. Its position at the Sun’s ingress fosters society-wide feelings, intuitions and memories. Underlying, unconscious motivations take form via Moon energy. These motivations in turn inform the rendering of group decisions of the heart, those experienced on a subconscious level.

Ingress Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries invites a righteous mood among us. It’s a righteousness fueled by urgency and/or reactionary energy. Conscious thought processes respond. It ignites almost automatically, aided by an adjunct energy of change and an inclination to reach beyond certain confines. Yet it lacks stamina. Over time, it burns itself out.

Edginess underpins the subconscious flow. Expressiveness is stilted and tense.

In this flow, the desire, or perhaps need, to win is strong. The group subconscious seeks reward in the form of diminishing fear.

Some respond to the flow in ways that are cruel, perhaps railing and raging against the other. Lack of sensitivity beyond self emerges.

The group’s subconscious motivations respond to the watery Moon influenced by the fiery Aries and Mars energies, themselves well fed by the airy nature of Her waning out of the light. “Double, double, toil and trouble.”





Here you will find a bit of astrological insight for the Sun in Virgo days ahead.

22 September 2021

For now know this: Welcome to the Autumnal Equinox!

21 September 2021

As dawn arrives, our subconscious is facing challenges to the dreamy thoughts of the night before. There is a call to funnel some of that energy to imagining options. The urge to jump into the first good idea that pops up is strong, we know in our depth, that we must rein in our urges. By midday, that inner wisdom has taken hold. Take a look back on the musings of yesterday, pass them through the filter of today. Where does your immediate circle meet? Where can you act together, to co-create?

20 September 2021

A glorious morning of subconscious musings is upon us, the kinds of musings that are nurtured by the winds of change moving in at mid-day. A Moon’s day when She will manifest Her fullest. There is energetic support for connecting, communicating and creating relationship; our group mind senses it. Meanwhile the subconscious is drifting into realms of our deepest highest good. Late tonight, a jolt, a bolt of initiatory impact strikes that same subconscious.

19 September 2021

Societal contentment of the heart is in the air this morning. A good day to dwell in wonder of what the universe may ask of you, or simply to enjoy the day with gratitude. The flow brings us once again to subconscious contemplation of the outside-the-box style possibilities. In a group this evening, bring up fantastical notions of a future world. What do folks truly value?

18 September 2021

It’s Saturn’s day and yet with overnight tides of subconscious connection and the injection of Spirit vibe that enters our subconscious, it is a day of reclaiming a modicum of peace in this societal moment. These feelings grow with the evening. Allow them to carry you for a bit.

17 September 2021

Be prepared for the night leading up to this day to touch off a wave of conflicting emotions. Once again we are stirred to examine our societal values: What do we hold most dear? What is most important, that which has been or that which we can create with compassion? Our day is flavored by these questions. Expect some outcomes or suggested ways forward that are well outside our traditional norms.

22 August 2021

The Sun’s day, moving into Virgo, leaving the context of performance, creation and reward, moving into a permeant of calm, thoughtful, considered action taken for the necessity of it, the acceptance of responsibility. Early morning energy flows with desire for active and immediate change. Inner realms receive a spurt of emotional largess. The Aquarian Full Moon arrives in the wake of these influxes. Yet within the hour, Moon moves on to Pisces. Leaving the high-thinking site of societal well being, there is a shift. This day begins the Cycle’s time of Spirit permeating the atmosphere of our subconscious group being.

A day beginning with the group subconscious desiring happy solutions to our problems, right now. A day for considering how that might be done, formulating some plans with intentions of applying them for the best outcome for all. A day to end by seeking what that greatest good truly is and where it is found.

23 August 2021

Today allows for an aesthetic appreciation of form but not without function. Midday inclinations toward emotionally compelled erratic impulses are not unexpected and may escalate to expressions of discontent and frustration. This evening’s heartfelt conversations may be thwarted by lack of clarity.

24 August 2021

After a night of the highest potential for dreams filled with memories and emotion the day breaks tickled by a sense of change in the field of the shared subconscious. The tickle becomes an itch, or perhaps an irritant as the day progresses. As the day ends attempts to share perspectives are difficult, nothing is quite clear. Yet the potential for solutions can be perceived.

25 August 2021

This is not the best day for romance, romancing or fulfillment of romantic expectations. On the other hand, time spent setting emotional boundaries could be well spent.

26 August 2021

Mind changing energies are afoot this morning. Harnessed, they effect societal consciousness, construct perceptions of what is over and what is coming. The group soul is distraught this afternoon and this evening the heart is bursting, overflowing and pouring forth.

27 August 2021

Today’s best plan is to start something new, and let it be something concrete, real, tangible. Drawing attention to detail and to circulating insights is in the air. Investing in what sooths mind and soul is productive. By evening, as the quest for contentment of conscious and subconscious have whittled the day away, notions of regulation and limitation take form within the heart of the group.

28 August 2021

The day begins with unrest in that group heart, a sense of need for change and of breaking away from what has been the norm, the accepted and expected. While not malicious, the inclination of the group subconscious is toward assertiveness and competitiveness. Tonight the impact of a welcome wave of romanticism and pleasant dreams carries weight upon the group at large.

29 August 2021

Dreams of the collective reverberate with a sense of impending change and not in a small way, more likely looming large and becoming more encompassing. Expressing our dream feelings and memories, sharing them in our community whether close or wide is productive and beneficial for all of us.

30 August 2021

This morning awakening there is an internal struggle around balancing feelings and logical choices. The flow carries the group subconscious in directions of emotions with boundaries, limits on allowances for emotionality and acceptance of some pragmatic conclusions. Midday energy encourages heartfelt discussion. Applying this inclination to starting something new that will speak to the group’s sensibilities is bound for success. As the afternoon proceeds, there is additional energy. Acknowledge and embrace it, the momentum can serve well the goals the collective seeks.

31 August 2021

A night of the group subconscious enveloped in love, romance and poignant memory. By morning an urgent wake-up call to snap out of it and step-to. As the morning progresses, some haze descends and mixed and misconstrued feeling emerge. Remember these tides run through us all, there but likely not realized consciously. Look forward to evening bringing a shift, an uplift in spirit that makes for a more pleasant evening vibe.

1 September 2021

The group deep subconscious overnight is drawn to realms of care and nurturing. Morning brings a heartfelt interest in connecting. Throughout the day awkward attempts are likely among us. Seeking the logic in these discomfiting circumstances puzzles the group consciousness tonight.

2 September 2021

Today’s prevailing subconscious energy is fogginess, lack of clarity and a preference to leave serious thought aside. In the earliest hours of the day this sensation feels engaging and attractive but around midday a powerful shift puts a rough edge on things and friction increases. By the evening hours a smoother flow rides the subconscious tide and the night brings a softer, dreamier feel to the fogginess of the day. Even the encounter with a wave of urgency will not deter the night’s relatively improved subconscious outlook of the group.

3 September 2021

It is an overnight that weighs on our group understanding of what has been and what is inevitably coming our way. Midday we seek affirmation and recognition from our community, our peers, from those for whom we act and perform. Our group soul needs collective kudos.

4 September 2021

Overnight the group heart and mind have been operating at a fast pace and wish to be expressed. Imposed subconscious restrictions leave the group subconscious disquieted. Residual feelings about the earlier sensations struggle with a desire for liberation. As the day is concluding, recognition of the need for caution and practicality in our group interaction is felt. A tinge of sadness clings to our group heart, sentiments around our divisiveness weigh upon it.

5 September 2021

This morning’s initial vibe is sweet and comforting with a flow toward compassion and expansiveness of heart, even just a little uncertain of exactly how to apply it. Late this evening, clarity in purpose teams with the month’s energy of service steering us toward questing for the solution best suited to the societal responsibilities we have declared. Tonight’s solutions will be set in notions of love as an antidote, love as power, love with the power to transform our community, but only with great effort.

6 September 2021

With transformative wonderings set in our group subconscious, continuing energy of do it now and do it with love prevail. The day floats on the wave of optimism this flow brings. Tonight our most deeply held group feelings are plumbed. Simultaneously, we are forced to realize the major changes that must come. This realization is fed and can crystalize in the group consciousness.

7 September 2021

Although our group subconscious, it is not entirely in unison or settled on any given matter. Hence, this morning’s feeling of emotional confusion and misplaced memories creates some contentiousness among us. Later in the day forces combine to deliver a solid dose of urgency for change which we must take steps to make happen now. As the day progresses on, an inclination to seek balance in these changes and to create an harmonious society will permeate the group subconscious.

8 September 2021

An astrologically quiet morning with mostly the daily flow of stay calm, do your duty and mind the details creating the context of our group mind. Midday inclinations to put limits on our emotions creep into the subconscious giving us much food for thought as we delve into deep conversation within our group soul.

9 September 2021

A second day of being drawn into the conscious realms of the group’s directive to take our responsibility to the community seriously. This evening’s flow broaches the subconscious arena reminding us of the major changes we must face.

10 September 2021

The overnight wave of pure love in the depths of our group soul allows the possibility of peaceful, restful dreams. Greater depths are plumbed as the night goes on, drawing us to inward places that may linger in our subconscious as the day begins. Much later in the day, the interjection of a wave that brings notions of practicality and pragmatism upon our hearts must be reckoned with.

11 September 2021

As a nation, we are hyper-aware of this date and the overnight leading us to it purveys restlessness within our group soul. There is, as our day gets underway, a unifying trend in the flow, a group memory that is held also today right at the front of our mind. This afternoon, as the day has tempered our contentions and divisions momentarily, a taste of somewhat euphoric well-being is felt. Closing the day these feelings become more complex; they grow and morph and implore us to make the changes our group soul recognizes are necessary.

12 September 2021

Thus, a somewhat fitful overnight where our group subconscious feels urgency to action is a natural next influx. The day progresses us to a place of heartfelt knowing. We can invest our emotional wisdom in the times of restructuring that lie ahead.

13 September 2021

On this Moon’s day, our subconscious is filled with a sense of knowing where our societal compassion must be directed and with whom it must relate.  Our idealistic visions are held in check lest we make assumptions that will not serve our greatest good in the long run. Yet our shared realization of the need for a large scale plan is implanted in our group subconscious.

14 September 2021

This morning the group consciousness is set on no nonsense and rejection of the far-fetched or flighty. We feel the push but we feel unsettled by its direction or intensity or – something that is not entirely clear, repugnant though it is. The evening brings little relief as our group subconscious experiences inhibition of its purest expression.

15 September 2021

This morning begins on a slightly higher note because we have a sense of renewed empowerment. A day for us to explore possibilities with willingness and discernment. Expressing our heartfelt shared emotions is challenging as the day progresses. Know that the struggle appears worthwhile as we look back on it tonight.

16 September 2021

Overnight, our societal pragmatist and idealist are in alignment. Our deepest subconscious sees that change is inevitable. As mid-day approaches, an influx of changed perspective is initiated. An inclination to examine motives and means is upon us. Tonight the logic in certain change is very clear within our group consciousness.


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