Contemplating the Old Year Passing, the New Year Approaching and Astrology

With just a few days remaining in 2016, with so many comments being shared about the stress and pain of 2016, with so much yearning for the end of 2016, we are creating a very high level of expectations for 2017…

Honoring a collective sense of – I name it – ‘peril’, we come together to nurture hope…

We share our experiences, finding connections. We extend ourselves outward, building support. We offer knowledge, yielding comfort through explanation…


  Thoth and Mercure…


Here I 0ffer knowledge which is widely held and verifiable under the auspices of any number of Astrological organizations, including ISAR, AFA, Kepler College and Sophia Centre.

Well, that was a Saturnine thing to say in the midst of so much peace, love and understanding. Nevertheless, as I peruse my chosen social media, I am struck by my desire for more true knowledge being disseminated as well as much less hearsay and mis-conclusions.

Astrology is a platform for offering explanations. Without question, this ability is one of its greatest strengths. Astrology’s own platform is amazing, complex and not to be trifled with. I offer the following astrological insights as we step out of 2016 and into 2017.

Regarding 2016, Uranus and Pluto have been the dominant planetary forces. They have been at odds for months, in a more or less precise configuration, creating a combination which generates shocks, surprises, changes of course – at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments, a sense of need, to hang on – even to cling – to what makes/made sense, but a recognition of each transformation as opportunity knocking.

Astrology offers us insight: What propensities are being nurtured? What challenges will be presented? How will I address these propensities (good and bad), and handle these challenges? Astrology is knowledge to be applied in making good choices.

Regarding this week, the final week of 2016, Uranus and Pluto linger still. Meanwhile, Jupiter has joined their configuration in rather difficult relationships. Jupiter, the Benevolent, the Father, the Maker of Abundance, all true. Also true? Too much, more than enough and over expansion are also Jupiter’s expressions. Yes, heavy, sad and down, exacerbated.

Astrology does not create, maintain nor inflict good or bad, kindness or evil. Astrology reveals potentials and possibilities; it reveals questions to be answered; habits to be employed, or perhaps overcome. Astrology does not do these things by being simple (e.g.: “It must be because Mercury is in retrograde!” or having a single track focus (e.g.: “I’m a Gemini.”), nor by having simple answers to life’s questions, or world problems (e.g.: “Planet – Square – Planet” with no discussion of what that means).

There is a notable Astrological shift taking place right now which may influence us, or you. Uranus, which spends, from our Earthly perspective, about half its time in retrograde, is currently stationing into direct (forward) movement. Because the farthest away (outer) planets, like Uranus, spend so much time in retrograde, their shifting tends to be the most influential period. Hence, it is another factor to consider regarding the increased sense of peril described by many of us.

Uranus always instigates change. The most likely particular change may be found in other Astrological indicators, or it may be right there in the pit of your stomach, or the depth of your soul, just waiting for you to recognize it.

Astrology of any given day is informative, but it is limited due to lack of context, and moreover, precision. To set the context and to maximize the transits of each day, week, month, year, it is best to put your own natal chart at the center of the picture. Ask: Where do I stand in the Astrological Universe? What is influencing me and how might I respond? Making the most of Astrology requires honoring and applying the full depth of its tenets.

Moonbeam Mage, Contemplation, and the Essay…will continue…

Dark Moon_mtns_thCAXLJZ0OMake the most of final hours, final Dark Moon of 2016

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