July New Moon in Leo

Once again the New Moon is with us. Tonight (25 July), as I write, is the night of the Dark Moon and by tomorrow evening (6:42 PM EDT) She will pass into Her Waxing time.

Tonight’s Dark Moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer. This is the domicile of the Moon; She is at home, comfortable and Her energy is gentle, nurturing and giving. If you venture into the deepest layers of your own inner workings on this night, She will be kind to you, guide you and keep you safe there. Trust Her Lunar wisdom.

NM_Leo_stars_thBefore the Sun rises tomorrow (26 July), the Moon will rise – He at 6:51 AM EDT, She at 6:37 AM EDT. Such is their journey at this time of Her cycle; they rise and set close in time to each other. As the morning moves toward mid-day (at 10:55 AM EDT), the Moon will pass from Her home in Cancer into the Sun’s domicile of Leo. It is in their close proximity in the same astrological sign that we define the beginning of Her cycle. We call Her the New Moon as they reach their conjunction (6:42 PM EDT), the closest astrological angle they make to each other in a month.

In Leo the Moon feels the strength of the Sun’s will, the power of His desire to achieve self-actualization and the force of creative energy flowing. She has been in Her Dark time, dwelling and moving ever inward. Now, simultaneously She moves into Her phase toward the Light and into the sign of the Sun’s greatest influence. Her journey and ours is thus empowered and Her will is Divine.

If you feel yourself seeking the ideal in all things, good and bad – perfect love, absolute hatred, perfect wisdom, absolute irrationality, perfect forgiveness, absolute cruelty – you are under Her influence. The energy of the New Moon disdains compromise. It craves the pure and undiluted. Naturally, reality holds no such perfection; there will be disappointments.

Yet, we will be filled with the desire to face the new, the unexplored and the fresh. Our mind set is, “anything is possible” under the New Moon and this energy can be put to good use. From the most complex to the most mundane, if you desire to become pregnant or simply to get a good start on your latest jigsaw puzzle, under this New Moon is a grand opportunity to seize the energy and make it happen.

Or, enjoy the free spirit within yourself. Ask your inner child what s/he would like to do. Do something you usually do not allow yourself to indulge in. Recall the feeling of youth, always looking forward, anticipating the unknown and the unpredictable. Revel in the child-like ability to transform your surroundings with your imagination.

This wondrous New Moon energy can also be put to practical use. If you have been close, but holding back on certain investments, buying a new home, or getting married – the New Moon energy – and as She continues to Wax – is a grand time to get on with any of these new starts. If your garden is abundant with vegetables, fruits, or herbs, it is a perfect time to harvest and put by your bounty. Perhaps you are a diviner of the future? New Moon and Waxing Moon energy carries your gaze into the near future so that you may discern answers to short term questions you may have about tomorrow, or later this week.

A caution, however, this empowering energy can lead to over-indulgence of our self-serving purposes. Find someone who would benefit from sharing your passion to go, do, and get started. The benefit of your investment is bound to grow if you have each other to keep yourselves in check.

Waxing CrescentAs the Moon Waxes and moves on through the Zodiac, Lughnasadh – the first harvest – is also approaching. At the Summer Solstice we entered the “Tide of Reaping.” Now we approach the halfway point of the tide. Even as we see the product of our labors come to fruition, new labors begin. Like the journey of our Soul, the journey of Mother Moon and the turning of the Wheel of the Year, the cycles are ever ending and ever beginning…

Some New Moon Goddesses  

Diana (Greek) – the Waxing Crescent is called Diana’s Bow by some.
Gungu (Aryan)
Jarah (Hebrew)
Juno (Roman)
Kuhu (Aryan)
Prosymna (Greek)
Sardarnuna (Sumerian)

Upcoming Moon Void of Course Times & Duration

18 July, 10:18 PM EDT to 19 July, 4:43 AM EDT
21 July, 10:13 AM EDT to 12:37 PM EDT
23 July, 8:53 PM EDT to 10:59 PM EDT
25 July, 9:53 AM EDT to 10:25 PM EDT
27 July, 8:37 PM EDT to 28 July, 11:37 PM EDT
31 July, 10:47 AM EDT to 12:09 PM EDT
1 August, 10:58 PM EDT to 2 August, 10:57 PM EDT
4 August, 1:43 PM EDT to 5 August, 6:19 AM EDT
6 August, 10:52 AM EDT to 7 August, 9:38 AM EDT
9 August, 4:09 AM EDT to 9:52 AM EDT
10 August, 6:12 PM EDT, to 11 August 8:55 AM EDT
12 August, 12:01 PM EDT to 13 August, 9:00 AM EDT

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