June New Moon in Cancer

As the Moon wanes past Hecate’s sickle – that last crescent before She is dark, Moonbeam Mage finds herself pondering the nuances of this Phase of the Moon. Some will say, “Ahh the New Moon is upon us.” Others will call Her “The Dark Moon.” Let’s sort through these assignations and explore the energy available.

New Moon_graphicIn Bradenton, Florida, according to Solar Fire software, the Moon will be exactly conjunct the Sun astrologically (both at 05 degrees Cancer 37’) at 4:08:19 AM on Friday morning 27 June. This coincides (they round to the next minute) with the U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department (USNOAAD) stated time for the New Moon in the same location as 4:09 AM Friday. When the Sun and the Moon appear to be in the same place at the same time from Earth, the Moon is dark to us. Her back to the Sun, Her shadowy shape is barely discernible. Hence, She is the Dark Moon.

See how it goes, the USNOAAD publishes a time for the New Moon. Astrology talks about the Sun and Moon conjunct and astronomically we observe that at that moment She is dark to us – the Dark Moon. In fact for hours leading up to that conjunction, She is Dark. Notice the Current Moon depiction in the upper right corner on this page, if it is late Thursday the 26th or early Friday the 27th  (the closer to that 4:08/09 AM time the better), that depiction is showing you a completely black disk.

It is widely agreed that the energy of the Moon as She wanes is a diminishing energy; it is flowing in an outward, leave-taking direction. Wise Women and Cunning Men have long understood this energy as best for sending away the unwanted, tossing out the unwelcome and sending forth the no longer needed. As long as the Moon is waning, until She passes that point of conjunction, these are best practices for Moon Magick. Not to be NewMoon_Cancerforgotten, She is also basking in Cancer, the Moon is in Her domicile, at home where thoughts go to family, loved ones and nurturing open arms.

As She approaches Her Dark Phase, another realm opens to our exploration: Divination. Drawing us in, showing us the way to the inward void of deepest knowledge, the Moon facilitates our seeking. Tonight (as I write on Thursday afternoon) is the time during every month when the veil thins and we have our easiest access, with the guidance of Mother Moon, to the realms outside the one we walk daily. This month, Neptune will be Her companion. His power is to create illusion or clarity – you must see for yourself, in the Tarot, the Scrying Mirror, with your favorite divinatory tool. Pluto will also be reaching out to Mother Moon, attempting to strike a balance with Her. Heed his call to transform, to evolve, to move past what needs moving past, so that you may begin again.

Once the Moon moves on along Her path and leaves the direct spotlight of the Sun on Her back, She begins to wax. The New Moon is gathering energy to Herself; She begins to replenish and build toward Her Full Phase once again. Once we see Diana’s bow, within 2 to 3 days past Her Dark Phase, you will know that new beginnings, new projects, new thoughts and new ideas all have begun to bud toward blossoming.  Any fresh starts or new start-ups you have been planning – these first hours and days of waxing the Moon encourages us, “Do it now!”

Upcoming Moon Void of Course Times & Duration

21 June, 6:25 PM EDT to 11:04 PM EDT
23 June, 9:50 PM EDT to 24 June, 7:07 AM EDT
26 June, 7:57 AM EDT to 5:07 PM EDT
28 June, 9:04 PM EDT to 29 June 4:44 AM EDT
1 July, 6:01 AM EDT to 5:24 PM EDT
4 July, 12:22 AM EDT to 5:44 AM EDT
8 July, 11:31 AM EDT to 3:24 PM EDT
10 July, 8:20 PM EDT to 11:25 PM EDT
12 July, 9:57 PM EDT to 11:07 PM EDT
14 July, 3:23 PM EDT to 10:41 PM EDT
16 July, 8:58 PM to 17 July 12:07 AM EDT
18 July, 10:18 PM EDT to 19 July, 4:43 AM EDT
21 July, 10:13 AM to 12:37 PM EDT

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