June Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius_Purple_StarsHave you seen the many posts on the social media sites regarding this week’s June Full Moon? There seems to be a certain amount of interest – excitement even, within the community of people who pay some attention to the Moon’s phases that the Full Moon will be on Friday the 13th.

Granted, if you live in the US in the Eastern Time Zone, the Moon will reach Her Fullness on Friday, 13 June – just before 12:12 AM. That is, just after midnight on what most of us will still be thinking of as Thursday night – if we are not fast asleep and past the point of thinking about what day it is! When we get up Friday morning, the Moon will be setting (7:06 AM EDT) and She will be a good 4 degrees past being Full.

If your practice is to celebrate the Full Moon, to hold an Esbat Ritual, and you wait until Friday night – well, sad to say, the Full Moon will already have passed. By sunset Friday evening, 8:26 PM EDT, the Moon will not only have moved on more than 12 degrees from her position of Full at 22 degrees Sagittarius 05 minutes, She will have moved into the next Astrological Sign of Capricorn. Of course the circumstances will be similar if you are inclined to wait for the Moon actually to rise on Friday night before beginning your Ritual. She will rise at 9:03 PM EDT, allowing Her to move another half degree or so into Capricorn.

Celebration of the Full Moon often entails an assumption that the Moon is at Her maximum influence. We understand that as She waxes, Her power increases and at the moment of Full Her power peaks. After that moment, Her power begins to diminish, She is waning. Yes, there is still great energy available, but if you accept the idea that diminishing energy creates a significantly different flow from building energy, then knowing which is going on is tantamount to planning your Ritual.

Likewise, if you have planned your Ritual for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, but you wait until Friday evening when She has moved into Capricorn, you will be working with very different Moon energy. A Sagittarius Moon inspires and stirs our passions and ideals. She encourages us to seek our visions and revel in freedom. The Capricorn Moon speaks to us of responsibility, rules and boundaries. In essence this Capricorn energy is the antithesis of the Sagittarius energy. Waxing Sagittarius will be available Thursday evening at its highest levels, and reach its maximum at 12:12 AM EDT Friday morning.

Perhaps you include consideration of the Planetary Day in your Ritual planning? Thursday is the day of Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius. This coinciding occurrence is empowerment from the Natural Magick surrounding us!

2014_FM_June_Planet Hours chartConsider this, between Moon rise Thursday night at 8:03 PM EDT and the moment of the Full Moon, the order of the Planetary Hours will be: Mercury’s, the Moons (!), Saturn’s, Jupiter’s (!), Mars’s and the Sun’s. Once again, a Ritual performed between 8:21 PM EDT and 9:13 PM EDT (the Moon’s hour), or between 10:04 PM EDT and 10:56 PM EDT (Jupiter’s Hour) will be done in an environment of energy flowing, working and empowering your Magick to the maximum extent. Depending upon the goal(s) of your Ritual, you may choose one or the other.

In the complex world in which we live we suffer exposure to so many thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. Sometimes gross over generalizations are made that sound intriguing, or look like events of importance. Sometimes there is some truth, some useful kernel of Natural Magick involved. Other times, the Natural Magick is obscured or overlooked. Whatever you may make of Friday the 13th – a fairly recent (19th Century) folklore invented in the Western world, Astrology offers you ancient knowledge that is tried and true. When pondering what is Above and thus what will be Below, Astrology is a most reliable companion.

Upcoming Moon Void of Course Times & Duration

8 June, 3:48 PM EDT to 9 June, 6:39 AM EDT
10 June, 10:22 PM EDT to 11 June, 11:24 AM EDT
13 June, 12:13 AM EDT to 1:06 PM EDT
15 June, 2:36 AM EDT to 1:28 PM EDT
17 June, 2:08 PM EDT to 2:27 PM EDT
19 June, 3:07 PM EDT to 5:27 PM EDT
21 June, 6:25 PM EDT to 11:04 PM EDT
23 June, 9:50 PM EDT to 24 June, 7:07 AM EDT
26 June, 7:57 AM EDT to 5:07 PM EDT
28 June, 9:04 PM EDT to 29 June 4:44 AM EDT

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